Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hamid Arabnia's World's Biggest Bogus Conference WORLDCOMP and Anti-Christmas Greetings Campaign

(1). World's Biggest Bogus Conference in Computer Science, WORLDCOMP, Organized by Hamid Arabnia:

An in-depth investigation on the fake conference is available here or here   (do NOT miss this. Read Hamid Arabnia's deceiving tricks and tactics!)

A relatively brief description is available here

Comments of Dr. John Levine (a well-known scientist with a Ph.D. in computer science from Yale University, USA) are available here . He also received telephone threats from fake conference organizers and the details are available.

Comments of Dr. Bob Futrelle (an Emeritus Professor from Northeastern University, USA) are available here and here (two separate comments)

Comments of Dr. Mark A. Mandel (a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania, USA) are available here

Comments of Dr Tom Crick (a professor from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK) are available here

Comments of Dr. Anthony Finkelstein (a professor and dean from the University College London, UK) are available here (search for the word “WORLDCOMP” once you open the link) .

Comments of Dr. Philip Gooch (R&D at King's College London, UK) and the comments of Dr. Kevin B. Cohen (Biomedical Text Mining Group Lead, University of Colorado School of Medicine, USA) are available here and here (search for the word “WORLDCOMP” once you open the link).

Relatively new comments (posted in 2013) of Dr . Debora Weber-Wulff (a professor from HTW Berlin, Germany) are available here (search for the word “WORLDCOMP” once you open the link). Note that Dr . Debora Weber-Wulff posted serious comments against WORLDCOMP in 2012 also but she received telephone threats. See attachment 9.pdf in the webpages here or here for the telephone threats.

Comments of Dr. Ivan Jordanov (a professor from the University of Portsmouth, UK) were published in a mailing list but were later removed due to threats from the fake conference organizers. The removed comments say:

"Dear All,
I attended the WORLDCOMP last year and regrettably have to say that it was very low level conference. The plenary talks were trivial and there were people presenting 3-4 papers (for some of which they had no idea what are they talking about).
Best regards,
Ivan. "

However, a PDF version of these removed comments were created (by some researchers before they were removed). Click here or here and see attachment 91.pdf.

A concern of a bright and young student from Pakistan who has a paper in WORLDCOMP is available here (the comments are provided below in case the link is removed due to threats from fake conference organizers):

" I am graduating with BS in computer science from the top institute in Pakistan and I am the class topper. I already sent my resume to MIT, Cornell and Yale for Masters/Ph.D. My first preference is MIT. I have published a paper in WORLDCOMP but the news at    and similar blogs are making me sleepless. I was not aware that WORLDCOMP is bogus when I submitted my paper (I made a wrong decision after seeing its website and list of sponsors!). Rest of my papers are in highly reputed journals/conferences. How this WORLDCOMP publication will affect my career? I asked WORLDCOMP chair Professor Hamid Arabnia on what is going on but he never responded ."

An honest opinion of a former Ph.D. student from Asia is available as an attachment, 1.pdf, in the webpages here or here (these comments were removed from the blog, where they were originally posted, due to threats from the fake conference organizers)

Muhammad Nazir wrote the following comments on WORLDCOMP at the mailing list: or (these links may be removed at anytime due to threats from Hamid Arabnia. That's why the content is attached below):

“Hi Hamid Arabnia,

You are an academic criminal and you accumulated millions of dollars from us using your fake conference WORLDCOMP.  Your messages and WORLDCOMP have no credibility and are trash.

If you have any professional values (or at least human values), respond to the researchers' comments/challenge at   or   before you post to this list or anywhere again.  See  as well.

You cannot fool us anymore, good luck!”

Hamid Arabnia knows that his WORLDCOMP conference is fake and bogus and scam and sham. That's why he is not responding to the open challenge in Section 6 of the webpages here or here .


(2). Hamid Arabnia's Anti-Christmas Greetings Campaign:

The key person in Hamid Arabnia's WORLDCOMP is Ashu Solo (AMG Solo or Ashu M.G. Solo). Ashu Solo is the mouth-piece of Hamid Arabnia and he sends call-for-papers to almost all mailing lists and blogs in the world. See some sample call-for-papers are available: here or here or here or here or here or here . Ashu Solo is also the co-editor and co-author of many fake publications of WORLDCOMP. Click here to see his publications from DBLP and notice Hamid Arabnia's name in almost all WORLDCOMP publications (note that DBLP stopped listing WORLDCOMP publications after 2010, once its fakeness was revealed).

In almost all western countries, “Merry Christmas” is used to express best wishes or good luck during Christmas season and this is a centuries-old tradition. However, Ashu Solo didn't like this and he protested. Click here or here or here or here or here or here for details (or search Google using the words Ashu Solo, Christmas). Hamid Arabnia was the actual person behind this anti-Christmas greetings campaign. Ashu Solo was used as a mask for Hamid Arabnia. WORLDCOMP money is used to file complaints and lawsuits.

If Christmas greetings appear wrong to Hamid Arabnia (i.e., Ashu Solo) then why didn't the fake conference WORLDCOMP business appear wrong?